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My 83 Cutlass


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This is my 1983 Olds Cutlass. I no longer have this car but it was the basis for my first V8 swap. The car had about 113K mi on it when I got it and had it's second 231 V6 and IT had no oil pressure so I thought rather than put in another V6 I would swap in a 350 Olds. It went fairly smooth (I learned they changed frame mounts for the engine after I got the wrong ones). The original metric 200 trans last about 2 days and the replacement TH-350 lasted about a week(it WAS used) so I sprung for a rebuild kit and had my friend rebuild it with a TCI kit and B&M shift kit. I drove it about a year then pulled the motor and junked the body(I had bought an 84) then I totaled out the 84 and wished I had kept the 83. Oh Well

Please send any pictures you would want here. I'll put up as many as I can.