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Joe and I racing against each other in the summer of '99 at Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove WI


She ain't much to look at and isn't very fast but the mystery mileage 350 is comin' out and the 455 is going in.
I am hoping for low 14's which isn't too bad for 4500lbs, 3.08 and a mild cam

The Vista Diary from 12-01 to .....

12-11-01 .. The roof glass that runs side to side has been removed. It had the corner crack syndrome and it leaked. On the bright side since it was cracked already I didn't have to be nice with the removal. :-) I have a replacement from a Sportwagon that I got for $15

The driver front floor pan will need to be replaced as a result of the window leak. But now my baby is a garage at least. The cargo area has a hole that needs attention as well. Mostly minor stuff little welding here and there . I will put up pictures when I can (mostly to make others feel better about their cars,I guess)

Glass removed

2-2-02... I picked up the 461 Olds today. I scored a awesome deal from my uncle/godfather on a freshly rebuilt .030 over 455. So the one I was building is getting sold off piece by piece. One decision to make is whether or not to put on the O4B intake I have in placce of the stock intake. Rumor has it that it won't work with H.E.I.. I'll have to see if it will work with a little clearance grinding, otherwise I'll either have to put in a smaller diam. dist. OR trade off the manifold for a torker or performer.

My O4B manifold

2-17-02... Wow! You would almost think I was actually working on my car. I drained the coolant in preparation of the engine swap. Still don't know if the O4B will work (can you say lazy?). But at least I've done SOMETHING to it. I DID have to clean my one car garage up just to see my car (One Vista, 3 motorcycles, 455 on wheels, engine hoist, toolbox, etc. - talk about 10lbs of stuff in a 2lb bag !!)

This is the 350 that's coming out

10 lbs of stuff in a 2lb bag :)


2-19-02... Well the O4B will DEFINATLY not fit with H.E.I.. I may leave the stock intake on for a little while unless some one would want to trade me for a Performer or Torker

03-08-02...I am 8 bolts away from the old engine coming out. The torque conv. is unbolted and all that's left is the 6 bellhousing bolts and the 2 motor mounts through bolts. Then comes the painting of the engine compartment. I still am not sure where I'm putting the old engine,refer to pic of garage :) 

4-11-02.....FINALLY THE OLD ENGINE IS OUT !!!!!!!!!!

Here it is on it's way out

EMPTY !!!!!!

4-22-02 ....The new engine is in !!! I still need to finish bolting up accessories and tranny and rebuild the Q-jet that's going on.

4-27-02.... Scored a set of 3.73 gears at the Jefferson swapmeet for $50. When the car is drivable I'll take it to Rocket Racing and have them installed

3-15-03 --- THE VISTA IS ALIVE !!!! The motor was broke in today and soon the Vista will be reassembled to prowl the streets and Great Lakes Dragaway once again .

New motor specs.... 461ci., 9 to 1 comp, roller tip rockers, mild cam-472/496, Hedman 1 3/4 headers, C Heads 2.07/1.68, stock manifold for now but I have an Edelbrock O4B , balanced, hi vol oil pump w/bolt-on pick up.

Old valves covers used for transport

These are the valve covers that are going on the motor

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