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Angie's 1986 442
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Angie's 1986 442
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Angie's 1986 442

It's an 85 but you get the idea
Picture from - community-2.webtv.net/j-e-t-s-fan/ Olds442ad/


We bought the 442 with the insurance money from our 1989 Calais after it was T-boned by some goof . We paid $2500 for it. It has some rust in the bottom of the doors but the body isn't too bad. One thing we didn't realize was the excessive oil consumption (1qt=100mi) the cat. conv. did such a good job of cleaning the exhaust that you didn't even notice any blue smoke but it clogged up 2 cats in about a year. I guess the previous owner didn't know anything about carb tuning because he so excessively richened up the secondary side that when you really got on it looked like a James Bond car with all the black smoke pouring out. Well you live and learn. Soon the replacement 307 will be in to make the car driveable until a more suitable engine can be built.

Here's a picture