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I'll let Mike tell the story.....

I have include a picture of my '65 f-85 Vista cruiser that was assembled at the GM plant at gennevilliers,France (a suburb of Paris) and then sold in Swiss.I bought it from a guy who imported it to Holland where i live.
I had some bad luck with it since i found out the hard way that the rear axle bearings got a reputation of failing,causing the axle to overheat and break.When the firedepartment arrived at the scene (the rear wheel departed and took the fueltank filler pipe with it setting the road behind me on fire)they wanted to know which junkjard they had to take the "wreck"  to!!!I told them this was a classic car,and that it would be running again in a couple of months,and they told me;yeah right!!!
After a long search i got my hands on a other rear quarter panel that had to be send from california to Florida and then to Europe and was in bad shape $$$$$$$$$.....But now it is on the road again,like it deserves to be!!
Mike Hagelaars